01.07.2018. Basketball Game Schedule

18 views 01.07.2018. Basketball Game Schedule. Starting today, we will provide basketball game schedules from all matches in all countries, not just USA NBA Game Schedule. 

So, we also ask the readers to provide “Like” on this basketball game schedule page, and can distribute with “Share” on this page. It’s important to note that the time we use to provide this basketball game schedule information is “Time GMT +7 ” so it’s likely to be different from the time in your country.

10:10 FIBA World Cup New Zealand vs China
10:30 NBA NBA Free Agency Special
10:30 NBA NBA Free Agency Special
11:00 Basketball SEABL Men Kilsyth vs Albury
13:00 Basketball 3×3 Basketball Vieques Challenger
14:00 Basketball 3×3 Basketball Europe Cup, Constanta
17:00 Basketball European Championship Men Andorra vs San Marino
17:30 Basketball International Friendly Estonia U18 vs Finland U18
19:00 Basketball European Championship Women Gibraltar W vs Moldova W
19:00 FIBA World Cup Hong Kong vs South Korea
19:30 Basketball European Championship Men Ireland vs Gibraltar
20:00 FIBA World Cup Ukraine vs Latvia
21:00 Basketball 3×3 Basketball Kaunas Challenger
21:15 Basketball European Championship Women Cyprus W vs Ireland W
22:00 Basketball European Championship Men Norway vs Malta
22:00 FIBA World Cup Turkey vs Sweden
22:30 FIBA World Cup Angola vs DR Congo
22:30 FIBA World Cup Chad vs Guinea
23:00 EuroBasket Cyprus vs Luxembourg
23:00 FIBA World Cup Jordan vs India
23:00 FIBA World Cup Netherlands vs Italy
23:00 FIBA World Cup Romania vs Croatia
23:00 EuroBasket Slovakia vs Switzerland
23:15 Basketball World Championship U17 Men Dominican Republic U17 vs Puerto Rico U17
23:30 FIBA World Cup CAR vs Ivory Coast
23:30 Basketball European Championship Women Norway W vs Malta W
23:30 FIBA World Cup Spain vs Belarus
23:45 Basketball World Championship U17 Men Egypt U17 vs Canada U17