Collin Sexton Wants to Convince LeBron James to Stay in Ohio

Collin Sexton wants to convince LeBron James to stay in Ohio. Dressed in the colours of his new franchise, the game leader Collin Sexton would have a great chance to stay in the Cavs for his first season in the NBA.

Collin Sexton Wants to Convince LeBron James to Stay in Ohio
Collin Sexton Wants to Convince LeBron James to Stay in Ohio

This is in any case what advanced Koby Altman, Cleveland’s GM, w

ho in addition to recovering an explosive leader, hopes to have influenced LeBron James in his future decision, he who has not yet communicated anything of his real intentions, within ten days of the opening of the “Free agency”.

Choose a leader, the priority since the departure of Kyrie Irving
“Our aspiration is to keep it,” said Koby Altman while all the rumors of future trades involving other confirmed leaders of the league were already beginning to Pulluler on the web.

“We come to the end of a long scouting process on him. Of course, he’s talented. He’s a leader who can score, go on the line, he’s athletic, he gets better at shooting. But what we’re looking for in Cleveland now are players with a good attitude, a work ethic, and guys who really want to be there. When I called him tonight, he clearly wanted to continue here. He even exploded on the phone to make me understand how much he wanted to be here. It means a lot to us, to the city and to what we want for this franchise, guys who display this kind of attitude, who want to be here. “

Since the surprise departure of Kyrie Irving last summer, the Cavs front office had set out to strengthen its leadership position in the Draft 2018, resisting the temptation to give up their choice to strengthen the team during the season.

“There was nothing to make us change our minds and help us find the NBA finals. There was nothing available that would have prompted us to say, ‘ OK, we have to do it ‘. »

The idea now is to make Collin Sexton a powerful holder quickly.

“I believe in it,” continued the GM of the Cavs. “Ty Lue will be here tomorrow to discuss with him. But I don’t guarantee anything to anyone. What I do know is that he will fight for it every day. We didn’t give him anything during his career. He knows he’ll have to fight for. He watches a lot of videos, I think he has a very good IQ basketball and also that he can help LeBron James also by being another “playmaker”, another player who will put pressure on the opposing defenses.

It was the other issue of this Draft for Cleveland (and not least), trying to influence LeBron James in his choice to stay in Cleveland while many opportunities will be offered to him from July 1st.

“I hope (that will be the case),” said Koby Altman. “I think with this choice, with our youth, our momentum as a franchise, for LeBron and everyone, it brings real energy here and I’m pretty sure LeBron recognizes Sexton’s skill level.”

It remains to be said that Collin Sexton’s brief speech to convince LeBron James to stay with him will have made him fly. “LeBron, let’s do it! I see you need a few elements, a small missing piece compared to last season. Let’s do it together and return to finals, said the game leader just after the formalization of his arrival in Ohio.

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