David Robinson Urges Kawhi Leonard to Express Himself

David Robinson urges Kawhi Leonard to express himself. Kawhi Leonard wants to leave the Spurs but RC Buford confirmed that the team was going out to do to keep it.

David Robinson Urges Kawhi Leonard to Express Himself
David Robinson Urges Kawhi Leonard to Express Himself

Yesterday, it was the legend of the Texan formation, David Robinson, who delivered his point of view on the set of the talk show “Get Up”, inviting Kawhi Leonard to express himself, who remained almost silent since the beginning of his scramble with San Antonio.

“I keep thinking that Kawhi has a lot of respect for pop, and pop has a lot of respect for him, and that’s really what matters at the end of the day. Can two people meet to discuss? Now there are many other voices in history, and who knows? Last year, Marcus Aldridge was a little unhappy and they sat down and settled it like men. I think for Kawhi, it’s about growing up, right? He entered this new responsibility where he is the face of the franchise. He can’t not talk, can he? You have to let people hear their voice and not someone else’s. “

As a leader, Kawhi Leonard must now take and assume his responsibilities, as would any other “franchise player” in the league, according to David Robinson.

“If you want to be among the two or three top players in the league, you must be a leader. LeBron doesn’t sit there waiting for people to talk to him. LeBron shows up and says, “This is my team, that’s what happens.” And I think that’s where Kawhi is. He counted so much for our franchise. We love it, we all want it to be there next year. But we want him to be there and take control. »

What to pique a little the pride of the MVP of the finals 2014, so discreet and reserved by nature?

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