NBA Summer League History

NBA Summer League History

Though there has been summer basketball played by NBA teams and players for a while at this point, it really all came together when the NBA Summer League formally got started in Las Vegas in 2004.

NBA Summer League History
NBA Summer League History

From there, fans instantly were hooked on seeing some of the game’s premier young players get a chance to breakout with some major minutes in the summer, making the Summer League a hot spot for fans from all over the league. Players like Glen Rice Jr., Damian Lillard, John Wall, Blake Griffin, Nate Robinson and more have been named the MVP of the Summer League on their ascent to NBA stardom, keeping fans glued to the action to see which brewing superstar is going to put all the pieces together.

Fans also can see team systems starting to come together as well, as the Golden State Warriors won the Las Vegas portion of the Summer League back in 2013 and then swiftly rose to the top of the league in the subsequent two seasons.

With some major talent on the court and an exciting, family-friendly venue at the Thomas and Mack Center, the NBA Summer League continues to get more and more popular for a reason.

NBA Summer League Trivia

Who was the first player to be named the Summer League MVP? That would be Randy Foye, who was named the MVP in 2006, the first year that an MVP was given out.

NBA Summer League Fans

When two amazing teams take to the court for a highly anticipated game, there are few sporting events that can hold a candle to the atmosphere that you’ll experience in the crowd during a basketball match-up alongside thousands of other fans at the Thomas and Mack Center.

The regular season is obviously the main draw for NBA fans, but the word is out about the Summer League and fans turn up in droves in Las Vegas to see some of the top stars in the league look to take their game to the next level.

There’s nothing quite like being there when the game is hanging in the balance and fans are at the edges of their seats, as the competition tends to heat up in a hurry as the top players in the NBA clash on the hardwood to get ready for the season.

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