NBA Summer League Las Vegas Schedule

NBA Summer League Las Vegas Schedule

One look at the Summer League schedule this year and you’ll see that there are plenty of unbelievable match-ups that you know you’ll want to be a part, giving you endless opportunities to come out and see these sensational athletes work on their game in the off season.

NBA Summer League 2018
NBA Summer League 2018

But even though this isn’t the regular season, you’re way off if you think that these games are lacking in intensity, as all bets are off once the ball is tipped. It also doesn’t hurt that the NBA Summer League has a great home venue thanks to the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas, providing the perfect backdrop for all the rim-rocking excitement all summer long.

Once you’re there in the stands alongside thousands of your fellow fans, you’ll be glad that you’re not sitting at home when you could be watching many of your favorite players tear up the court at the Thomas and Mack Center.

Similar to baseball’s spring training, the Summer League is divided into regions to allow teams to develop their rising stars leading up to the season, though the Las Vegas portion of the Summer League has the most teams competing and offers a wide variety of exciting match-ups throughout.

Part of the fun of the Summer League is to pick out which player is poised to breakout, allowing fans a sneak preview on their favorite teams as they clash on the hardwood in front of great crowds in Las Vegas.

So whether you’re already in the area or simply looking for a great excuse for a road trip, you’ll be hard-pressed to top the experience of seeing the NBA’s Summer League.

For many teams, the road to the Finals actually begins in the summer while the young stars in the league work on their game, as having a deep bench for the regular season is absolutely crucial to any team’s chances.

And when the game is hanging in the balance with two talented teams trading baskets in front of a great crowd, it won’t be hard to get lost in the enthusiasm that comes along with the Summer League in Las Vegas.

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