LeBron James doesn’t care about losing popularity LeBron James doesn’t care about losing popularity. Becoming an opinion leader and the most powerful voice in the NBA on societal issues, LeBron James has taken on this role as much through envy as by necessity. He recounted it in the show “the Shop”.

“I’m looking for satisfaction for everyone, not just for me. I was raised by Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Jay-Z, Biggie and now I have the opportunity to be an influence for all those kids watching me. And I should not say ‘ crap ‘ when many of my peers don’t say ‘ crap ‘? I wouldn’t feel well. »

In this sense, LeBron James could quote his friend Jay-Z, who had rapped: “I do this for my culture”. The Lakers ‘ winger assumes the media and political consequences because he believes he is in the right and the right.

“At the bottom, when I decided to take the floor and give me feedback or whether it would affect me or not, all my mindset was directed towards others. My popularity has fallen. But, in the end, my truth for so many children and people was more important than my personal case. »

This summer, LeBron James strongly criticized Donald Trump, accusing him of using sport to divide people, and he paid homage to those who paved the way.

“No matter how important you are, your success or what you do in life, being African American in America is difficult, and there will always be someone to remind you of it. When you look at the greatest leaders of our time, Mohammed Ali and Martin Luther King, after all the hardships they have been through, they never let go. They used it as a form of motivation to be more powerful, and they are the reason we are here today. »

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