Aggressiveness, the watchword of Frank Ntilikina’s offseason

Aggressiveness, the watchword of Frank Ntilikina’s offseason. Chris Brickley. This name may not tell you much but this former assistant Knicks is now one of the most sought after personal coaches.

For the past two years, he has been giving private lessons to Carmelo Anthony, C.J. McCollum and Donovan Mitchell. Among the players who have been attending him for two years, there is also Frank Ntilikina. The Frenchman had met him at the Jordan Brand Classic, and this summer again, they are working together.

For The Athletic, Brickley reveals the different axes of the summer work of the young leader of the Knicks.

“After the season, one of the priorities was just to be aggressive,” he explains to our colleagues. “If you go back, before the Draft, we were doing dribbling and shooting … He had all the trumps, and he just needs to keep that state of mind, to get into the field with, and to be aggressive. I keep insisting that the more aggressive he is, the more the rest will open for him. So we just work on the state of mind and aggression. “

But Brickley also reveals that Ntilikina will rely more on his size (he approaches 2m00) to post leaders and rear smaller than him near the circle, or to shoot in front of them.

“One of the things we’re working on, and he’s done it a few times in the summer league, is to work on situations when he’s with a smaller rear: getting into the racket, the supports, the shoot over smaller players … What he did was great, and I think he has great potential in the NBA, especially in defense. I think David Fizdale is going to let him be a bit more aggressive, and I think he needs someone who believes in him to gain that trust. “

In Las Vegas, the Frenchman confirmed that the relationship with Fizdale was different and that he was going to profit from it.

“It helps me because I’m a player who thinks a lot on the pitch, who thinks about managing the team, giving the ball, sometimes lacking aggression for me while it can also help create openings for my teammates. So he helps me to do that, to see the game in another way, to have a little more free spirit in the field. He told me that I needed to have enough confidence, and I can see when I’m on the ground that he will help me more. “

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